Top 20 Gundam/Mecha Anime of All Time! [HD]

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Tittle : Top 20 Gundam/Mecha Anime of All Time! [HD]
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Duration : 8:16
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Originaly Made in MAY 2014, This is the list of Top 20 Mecha/Gundam Anime, before watching please note that this is my list and solely contains my opinion if you agree with my opinion then great however if you disagree then please let me know your opinion in the comment section Below

~ ~ The Anime within this video are as following ~ ~

20. Gundam Age — 0:19
19. Aquarion Evol — 0:43
18. Asura Cryin — 1:11
17. Buddy Complex — 1:31
15. Fullmetal Pnic — 1:55
14. Eureka Seven — 2:17
13. Break Blade — 2:40
12. Neon Genesis Evangelion — 3:04
11. Gundam Wing — 3:30
10. Bokurano — 3:54
09. Macross — 4:15
08. Gundam Build Fighters — 4:44
07. Code Geass — 5:02
06. Gurren Laggan — 5:26
05. Mobile Suit Gundam — 5:50
04. Gundam 0083 — 6:16
03. Gundam Seed — 6:36
02. Zeta Gundam — 7:00
01. Gundam 00 — 7:23

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  1. Valentine McIntosh on

    It was a pretty great list, had an issue with a few selections mostly pre 2000 series, would have liked to see series like Vandred, TeKKaman Blade and Heroic Age. Oh… Can't believe Gundam G was not on the list!!! :-0

  2. Johannes Haufniensis on

    Evangeion is the best mecha anime in history, with a Masterful psychological construction of characters that was realistic.

  3. whalemorono123 on

    honestly gundam is so good, it should have its own separate list from the other shows, we all already know gundam is good, what we want 2 know is if there are more of these other shows that are good as well

    oh and btw macross doesnt count as well, those 2 are like the granddaddies of mecha shows

  4. can't believe you put Code Geass and Gurren Lagann 7 and 6 ..
    Gurren lagann is like the best anime ever and code geass is a masterpiece (but i agree not really in the mecha categorie)

  5. Gundam 00 is your number one? Really? That was one of the most plain gundam series ive seen. The gundam 00 movie was better than the whole anime. No unicorn either? But to each his own opinion…i think gundam seed/destiny was the most complete gundam series so far. Even though destiny started off literally copying seed in the beggining it still takes my number one spot.

  6. Redfox Vergil on

    I'm really wondering if with the newest Gundam anime being completed Mobile Suit Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans would make a difference on this list. I'm right now just getting into mecha and Gundam animes and this is besides Infinte Stratos the only one i've watched. I don't really remember much from IS since its airing is so long ago (season 1). But i loved Iron Blooded Orphans! It was just so good!

  7. Star Hustler on

    I got to admit, I absolutely hated code geass. I thought it was so dumb and had potential to be really good but decided to ruin characters with sappy love stories that just ended up being filler. Really the only positive I can give it is how good the music, that stuff is excellent

  8. Greenbunny47 TheBossBunny on

    I dont remember the name of this one sorda mech anime, It involves a small rather plump man and this rather tall popular girl from the little i can remember since i watched it so long ago, There was one scene were she uses some power to push him outta the way of a car and put herself in the way. And another scene involving some sort of large library were we first see the popular girl.

  9. Kirarasdemonx on

    eureka 7 is hella good boy! should be in the top five. Something really good is called Innocent Venus, the plot is pretty epic and action packed

  10. BusTV Channel on

    I Like Gundam ang Eureka 7 but You dont have a Honorable mention of Voltes V, Mazinger Z Daimos and Vision Of Escaflowne 🙁 🙁

  11. Haye Wolthuis on

    Im not really fan from gundam but i havent seen Aquarion Evol and it looks interesting, thanks for this video.

  12. What a pleb list this is. Where are the patrician shows like the 08th ms team, turn A and war in pocket? All i see are the mediocre gaydam shows.

  13. Antony Drossos on

    I LOVE that "Super-Dimensional Fortress: Macross", the original "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Zeta Gundam" all made the list. For whatever reason, younger otaku seem to give older anime the "side-eye", but Macross and Gundam are both classic!
    Personally, I felt that "Mobile War Chronicle: Gundam Wing" is one of the sillier entries in the Gundam franchise (right next to Gundam ZZ), but that's just my own opinion. I can appreciate that is was the first anime for a lot of younger otaku.

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