Top 10 Anime Badasses

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Tittle : Top 10 Anime Badasses
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Duration : 9:45
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Do not mess with these guys, and even if they are on your side you still might want to keep your distance. Join as we count down our Top 10 Anime Badasses. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►►
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Special thanks to our users Don Parchment and simeon anderson for submitting the idea at

Do not mess with these guys, and even if they are on your side you still might want to keep your distance.

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I love anime but not an otaku


  1. Cranium Kracked on

    wtf is wrong with this list ? vegita no. 10? damn
    riza is a badass ? wtf shitload

  2. Dayuuum Gundam Fans will be triggered to find NONE of the protagonists will be here, I'm a fan and Domon Kasshu wasn't here so…

  3. Why did you put Armstrongs sister @2:40 under Riza Hawkeye? That's not Riza, but she's also badass. But yeah, there's a lot of badasses in FMA:B, that's why it's such a highly rated anime.

  4. elitefencer777 on

    Bah, Duke Togo's harder than anyone on the list. The man does literally nothing but either A: Kill people, or B: Research killing people.

  5. Watanabe wanted Spike to seem uncool when he was doing nothing, so when he kicked in the gear, he seemed REALLY cool.

  6. my list the most badass characters

    1- johan

    2 – the friend

    3 – Griffith

    4 – hao asakura

    5 – madara

    6 – aizen

    7 – Alucard

    8 – gilgamesh

    9 – mihawk

    10 – jen

  7. folgor32 overlord on

    Ok I have a couple things to say 1)just because the person you want is not on the number one on this list dose not mean they are not a badass it just means that there are people more badass then that one dude. If a player is not number one in the World does not mean he it just means the other guy I better.

    2)Personally I agree guts should be number one
    3) if you have a problem with the list you don't need to tell us.
    4)Last thing I promise this is a badass top ten not so and so is stronger than this guy they have a list for that put your opinion on there

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