DARK SOULS III | ‘Firekeeper’ | Character Creation

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Tittle : DARK SOULS III | ‘Firekeeper’ | Character Creation
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A fantastic suggestion from all of you. Dark Souls III’s illustrious Firekeeper, recreated.

Have a suggestion of your own? Click ‘show more’ to find out how to submit your idea!


– Requests will be selected amongst the highest rated comments. If another user has suggested your idea, consider up-voting their comment instead.

– Requests of existing Dark Souls III character creations will only be accepted if slider-settings are not available anywhere else. It is advised you check beforehand as I will be doing, to avoid plagiarism.

– Your patience is appreciated as I prefer taking my time carefully making each character, ensuring it meets a personal standard.

– Consider the practicality of your suggestion. Anime characters & niche, stylised characters are very hard to replicate well to any degree.

– Joke characters will not be considered for re-creation.

✎ If you wish to change your character, locate the Rosaria’s Fingers covenant in the Cathedral of the Deep. Spend pale tongues to enable the ability to “rebirth” your character and enter the settings found in this video.

♫ Music:

• Dark Souls III OST – Epilogue


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✉ Find more Dark Souls and other content over on my live-streams.

• Twitch Channel:


• A special thank you to everyone who helped me bring this project together through support and feedback.

(All footage captured on Xbox One)

Thans For Watching

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I love anime but not an otaku


  1. Alberto Elmini on

    Tres belle! 😍😍😍❤
    dark souls 3 character creation is your canvas. well done! 👍gotta wipe the tear from my eye.

  2. Sea Anemoanemiaeia on

    why do my characetrs never look like this when i copy? they all have bloodshot eyes and weird shaped faces

  3. WTF_Vendrick on

    I love your character creation vids. I have no idea how you managed to figure out what exactly each slider does. Can you give some advice on how to start customizing my own haracters? For example I'm trying to make an Asian character for my next playthrough and I can't figure out how to make a decent looking one at all…

  4. Jesse Kinnnaman on

    You are so damn good at this. You are my go to when i make a new character. I don't have the patience for spending the time to do that which is odd cause i do graphic design xD. Kudos to you. I know you say anime characters are difficult but could you possibly do Zoro from One Piece? If not how about Dante from DmC? Thanks again! Great Work!

  5. +WhiteValyria just curious if you'd know why when I try to copy the settings on PC version the skin color is off. everything else seems good though. great characters btw.

  6. Julian Almada on

    I've been playing Dragon Age for a while now, and I think it will be nice to play as Morrigan in DS

  7. DarkendxPhoenix on

    I would love to see DIO from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I love your characters. You are extremely talented with the souls sliders.

  8. Lovely. I wish I could work on my characters at least as half good as you. Subbed.
    What about Devil May Cry series? Could you create Credo from DMC4? Or maybe DMC1 Dante? Anything from that series would be cool actually.

  9. DarthFandoro on

    Dear WhiteValyria, i really like your videos, they are interesting and i even considered doing an Ezio build.

    I have a build i think might interest you: Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars episode 3: Revenge of the Sith

  10. Renato Acevedo on

    the next one could be a man with long hair, white skin, and a young face ? because i tried so hard, and the result id very ugly.

  11. Can you do Ada Wong please id love to see how to make her and play as her since i have no idea what im doing in this game XD

    thanks in advance :3

  12. Well If i would choose a character i would want to cosplay as it is going to be zero from drakengard 3 or 2b from the upcoming nier automata!

  13. I really love your style of editing, it really does show how much time and effort you put into these videos. Keep up the great work!

  14. I'd absolutely love to see Sister Friede from the Ashes of Ariandel DLC! <3 I love your character creations, they all have a unique style and are all very beautiful.

  15. Robopigeon82 on

    This is so dope!!!! I love these videos. I can't seem to make anything but derpy characters. Could you maybe do Raiden or Grey Fox from the MGS series. Really wanna do a katana cyber ninja in lothric. Keep it up awesome stuff!

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