Cryy’s Top 10 MMORPGs 2016-2017

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Tittle : Cryy’s Top 10 MMORPGs 2016-2017
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Here is my top 10 MMORPGs that released or could be making their way to the west sometime in 2016 / 2017.

Are there any MMORPGs you guys are looking forward to?

10. Bless
9. Twilight Spirits
8. Moonlight Blade
7. Black Desert
6. Dark and Light
5.Lost Ark
4. Lineage Eternal
3. Crowfall
2. Peria Chronicles
1. Revelation Online
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  1. Played moonlight blade in open beta. Great game, pvp is extremely fun. However the toxic community (average chinese player) ruined the game. Workshop is everywhere, everyone use bot, bugs & cheat. You wont be able to join a lv30 dungeon unless you have lv40+ gear. I wish one day I could play games in West/Jap server without lag.

  2. Ya crowfall I hope it is good. It also has crafters not pure crafters but the more you do it the better you get at it so you can be kinda a pure crafter.

  3. I think Chronicles of Elyria will hands down be the best MMOs of 2017-2018. It brings the most innovation and promise to the genre imo.
    Dark and Light seems interesting as well. Though it's more of an Ark type of game than an MMO.

  4. In November u said Bless with its new reworked Combat was the game for your Future , now its 10th and Revelation is at 1st place. How come ? Both games seem very similar to me tho the larger style PvP in Bless appeals more to me then Revelation and so does the Classes in Bless. Havent played any of em I really dont know where to go until Crowfall or CU comes out then Il go there no matter what. PvE isnt for me just wanna add.

  5. uhmm… bro.. if you're gonna make some top 10 videos dont put the top 10 in the description because they can just look for it in the description and won't watch the whole video…

  6. I'd love to play lost ark or lineage. I might have to wait forever is there any ftp games similar to thoses I could pick up?

  7. What a revelation online fanboy. Crying about black desert that it "p2w", but dont talking about the real p2w in revelation online. your acc name says everything, such a cryer 😉

  8. ESO was realesed in 2015 but it changed a LOT in 2016. It's one of the best mmos of 2016 too, my favourite one. It have an excelent combat, story, sounds, character creaction, systems. The only thing i dont like is if you dont buy gold edition game you will need to pay for the dlcs like: Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild etc… and they are a lot expensive a lot more than buy the Gold Edition game.

  9. Had to stop halfthrough

    "Which will be in open beta IN CHINA in 2017.."
    "Probably never will be released"

    and so on killed it for me.

  10. I know I am commenting late, but I am hyped for Revelation Online!! My only worry is that I was this hyped over Black Desert Online and was extremely disappointed over the forever grind. I love the options this game offers and hope that it doesn't become a p2w, so worry will follow in the footsteps of their other games with this (Allods, Skyforge) as their games tend to be really great ones! I will just say though, you have won a follower in me Cryy. Thank you for your great videos 🙂

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